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Product Release : TiAL V60D

For the 2014 PRI Show we are excited to introduce our new application specific wastegate, the V60D. Designed for the world of drag, and professional motorsport racing.

With it’s advanced diaphragm configuration, direct high pressure compressed gas and CO2 controls are better supported. The V60D, features an inverted reinforced diaphragm capable of 8 Bar (120 PSI ) of control pressure.

The V60D actuator assembly is 25% smaller, resulting in:

  • Inverted Diaphragm for direct pressure control.
  • Compact envelope, making it easier to fit in tight areas.
  • Lighter weight
  • Faster fill rates, based on collected data, it is able to fill the unit four tenths of a second faster.

The V60D features the same high quality manufacturing of the V60. This wastegate is finished with a deep black anodizing and will be available with two base spring rates, 3psi and 6psi.

The new actuator configuration is also compatible with the new V50 valve, it can also be adapted to the F46.

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